Wrong Telephone Expressions You Should Avoid.

Wrong Telephone Expressions You Should Avoid.

English is not our mother tongue, so we learn it every day to speak it almost like its native speakers. This blog helps you to achieve that.

The word 'telephone' comes from Latin and Greek. 'Tele' means 'distance' in Latin whereas 'phone' means 'sound' in Greek. So, the compound word 'telephone' simply means 'distance sound'.

It is no news that wrong English expressions, most times, seem to be very pleasant to the ears more than their correct forms. This is very common among second learners of English and has also affected their telephone language. The other day, I showed you Some Very Correct but Totally Wrong Expressions You Should AvoidToday, we shall look at some wrong telephone expressions you should also avoid.

Below are some wrong telephone expressions and their correct forms:

Do not say: I saw your missed call
Say: I missed your call.

Do not say: Your voice is cracking
Say: The line is breaking

Do not say: Flash me
Say: Give me a drop-call, beep me or give me a beep

Do not say: I am hearing you
Say: I can hear you.

Do not say: Come again
Say: I can't hear you.

Someone has just learnt something new. Congratulations to you!

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.


  1. Your blog is quite informative.
    Try to proof read your articles before publishing.
    "her family was dissapointed (in, with) me"
    Which is most appropriate?

    1. Okay. Noted! "...disappointed in me" is most appropriate.

  2. Actually, I don't see anything bad in "Come again" as a telephone expression, my brother.

  3. Flash me is very correct to. Kindly check the dictionary

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