How Well Do You Know Your Figures Of Speech?

How Well Do You Know Your Figures Of Speech?

Give the correct figures of speech to the following expressions and get yourself a token from Tammy's English and Literary Blog:

1. To err is human; to forgive is divine.

2. Oluwale lost her mum, her iphone and her use of English notebook in an accident.

3. We came, we saw and we conquered.

4. The boy is the father of the man.

5. On my way back home, I met three gentlemen on the road.

6. Uneasy lies the heart that bears the crowd.

7. Mr Okoro is an educated illiterate.

8. Too many skirts in the room.

9. A million thanks to you.

10. It is better to be a king in hell than to be a servant in heaven.

N/B- First five commenters with the correct answers will go with a little token. All comments should be on the blog and don't comment as anonymous. Please drop your email or phone number underneath your answers.